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Atrial Fibrillation CAN Be Treated and Cured Naturally


I truly believe the type of energy treatment practiced by Robert Ginsburg is the medicine of the future.Dr. Richard P Kratz, M.D., D.Sci, internationally known professor at U. Cal. and U. SoCal Medical Schools
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Don’t Let Atrial Fibrillation Steal Your Life Away..

Atrial Fibrillation Can Be Successfully Treated Naturally Without Drugs or Surgery

Dear Friend:

There is a new discovery in healing that is making medical news around the world.

The results obtained are so effective and unprecedented that we may be forced to change the way we think about health and disease.

My name is Robert Ginsburg and I am one of the few trained in this powerful natural treatment for atrial fibrillation.

Distinguished Medical School Professor Calls Work Medicine of the Future

I have researched the scientific basis of Robert Ginsburg’s work and truly think this type of energy treatment is the medicine of the future. Richard P Kratz, M.D., D.SCI, Clinical Professor Univ. of Cal & Univ. of S. Cal Medical Schools.

For many years scientists have been studying the biological causes of various ailments. Recent studies have been zeroing in on the energy fields and energetic systems of every living entity.

Atrial Fibrillation Healed and Verified By EKG

I suffered with atrial fibrillation for over 7 years. I had one ablation and was about to get another when I began work with Robert Ginsburg. After my sessions my heart felt better and I had another EKG. My doctor at the hospital of The University of Pennsylvania stated “this was my first normal EKG in 7 years. The EKG doesn’t lie. Congratulations.” Further he inquired about Robert’s work and when I explained as best I could my eminent doctor said there is a lot about the mind we do not know.Lewis DuPont Smith

Perhaps the most significant advance in understanding the energetic aspects of health and disease was made by Russian physicist Nicolai Levashov. He developed a unified field theory that merged physics and medicine.

Medical School Professor's Wife Saved From Emergency Room Visit and Relieved of Atrial Fibrillation

I was frequently awakened at 2:00am by my wife with complaints of atrial fibrillation. Gradually the attacks became more severe and lasted longer. One episode began at 2:00am and was still going strong at 7:00am. My wife did not want to go to the hospital so we called Robert Ginsburg. Within 10 minutes of telephone treatment the rapid heart rate returned to normal and after 20 minutes the irregular heart rate became regular.Richard P Kratz, M.D, D.SCI. Univ. of Cal and S.Cal Medical School

In recognition of Nicolai Levashov’s, scientific contributions, an advisory body of the United Nations accorded him their coveted honor bestowed on a host of Nobel Prize recipients- full membership as Academician in the U.N. International Informatization Academy The I.I.A. is a global organization whose members include the U.N. Secretary General, heads of state, renowned scientists and leading professionals from every field of endeavour.

Registered Nurse Healed of Atrial fibrillation

I experienced paroxymal atrial fibrillation with rapid ventricular rates between 200-300 beats per minute from Oct 5, 2012 to April 6, 2013. I thought I was going to die as my heart stopped and then began fibrillating. During this period I was hospitalized 5 times. I have been a registered nurse for 37 years and did not want to get on the pharmaceutical merry go round. I have read about and been interested in energy medicine for many years. I researched and found Robert Ginsburg’s website. I had 8 sessions and all my symptoms disappeared. I do believe energy medicine will be used more in the future, but for now, ho hum, business as usual.Jeanne Allan, Houston, Texas

Before training with Levashov I studied many different forms of energy healing including Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Pranic Healing and the Rubenfeld Synergy Method. The later was a three year program integrating the Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique and Gestalt Therapy.

Ablation Avoided for New York Professor

I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation on April 2012. In the hospital I was given a lot of medications that caused me terrible side effects without improving my condition and made my life miserable. My cardiologist sent me for an ablation. I postponed the appointment and decided to call Robert Ginsburg first.
After my phone sessions with Robert my blood pressure and heart rate come back to normal and my overall health has improved. Now I am medication free! I went to see the doctor for ablation. She made an EKG and it was absolutely normal. Thank you Robert for giving me a chance to enjoy my life again! I am impressed by Robert’s method of healing and would highly recommend him.H. Kletsky, Professor of Computer Programming, New York

After all of my studies previous to meeting Levashov I developed my own system of healing. I was hired by a prestigious San Francisco area body mind school to give a two year training program in my method.

Australia Woman Cured of Serious Atrial Fibrillation Over Telephone

Before contacting Robert Ginsburg I had suffered for more than five years with serious atrial fibrillation and palpitations the frequency and strength of which become practically debilitating and my life style restricted. I was seeing a Cardiologist regularly and going through examinations, monitoring, etc.
I tried acupuncture and chiropractic care although they helped somewhat they did not resolve the problem. I discovered Robert’s website and the results he was achieving. I was initially skeptical given he was conducting treatment by telephone. However I wanted my life back and decided to proceed. During my first telephone consultation I discovered Robert is a man of few words and appeared totally focused within his environment. I decided to continue on and am thrilled to say after a short series of treatments all my symptoms disappeared. I am absolutely thrilled and relieved.
For the first time in 5 years I am back to normal life, happy, confident and relaxed. I am extremely grateful for the changes Robert has brought about. I am intrigued with his skills, understanding of meta physics and his unique and wonderful ability to apply this to transform the lives of individuals.Vera Chorvat, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Before the start of my training program I was introduced to Nicolai Levashov. He had a healing system that was so advanced I was amazed.. This was unlike anything the world had ever seen. A scientific system that was able to locate and treat the primary cause of disease exclusively using the power of the mind. Levashov’s system completely eclipsed my method.

I could not in good conscience continue with my training program. I cancelled my program and became Levashov’s student. I studied with Levashov for over 15 years.

Life Returned After Atrial Fibrillation Cured

I was suffering with anxiety, breathlessness and a racing heart. I was hospitalized and diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. My life was very compromised and fortunately I found Robert Ginsburg on the internet. After my treatment with Robert I felt calmer and had a “change of heart”. My blood pressure is steady for the first time in years, my heart beat is regular and I feel stronger and more energetic. I feel I have left atrial fibrillation behind and thank Robert for his wisdom, discipline, learning and compassion.Pauline Wilde, Yorkshire, England

Prior to my healing path I was a practicing attorney in the Philadelphia area. I graduated from an Ivy League Law School and worked for some years as a prosecuting attorney. During this time I handled several front page cases including a series that was featured on SIXTY MINUTES.

Atrial Fibrillation Eliminated

Atrial fibrillation caused me a seriously undermined lifestyle for two previous years, and discovering Robert’s website initiated a meeting with him. I began a short series of telephonic contact, with immediate and astounding improvement. After just a couple of weeks I was walking easily and quickly, playing tennis, and running upstairs without breathlessness. My heart rate lessened considerably and its irregularity of rate has reduced to normal. I am now indulging in self-congratulation that I had faith in distance healing, instead of blindly following the route of prescription drugs.Privacy desired Reading, UK

Heart Ablation Avoided

Dear Robert:
Just wanted to drop you a line regarding the treatment I received from you to help with my atrial fibrillation. A while back it seemed as if I would have to go in for the standard ablation procedure. However, in searching the internet for answers I came upon your site. Catching myself in an a-fib episode I contacted you for treatment. After my treatments I felt very calm and could not detect any errant heartbeats in my pulse. I was able to avoid heart ablation.Tom Lisak, Courier

Medical School Professor Saved From Hospitalization for Asthma

Thanks for rescuing me last evening. I awoke from my sleep with an attack of asthma that could not be controlled with my regular medication. I phoned you and you treated me. Twenty minutes later I phoned again and there was some relaxation of bronchospasm. You treated me again. Thirty minutes later I could breathe deeply and was able to go to sleep. The morning after I was able to run for an hour in the Indiana snow.
Thanks again for the rescue.
The traditional treatment for the severity of my asthma experienced last evening is hospitalization with intravenous steroids and oxygen for several days.
I have learned the scientific basis of Robert Ginsburg’s work and truly believe this form of Natural Healing Treatment will be the medicine of the future.Paul R. Honan, M.D., Clinical Professor, Indiana University Medical School

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I wish you the very best,

Robert Ginsburg