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Brain Fog CAN Be Treated and Cured Naturally


I truly believe the type of energy treatment practiced by Robert Ginsburg is the medicine of the future.Dr. Richard P Kratz, M.D., D.Sci, internationally known professor at U. Cal. and U. SoCal Medical Schools
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Don’t Let Brain Fog Steal Your Life Away..

Brain Fog Can Be Successfully Treated Naturally Without Drugs or Surgery

Dear Friend:

There is a new discovery in healing that is making medical news around the world.

The results obtained are so effective and unprecedented that we may be forced to change the way we think about health and disease.

My name is Robert Ginsburg and I am one of the few trained in this powerful natural treatment for brain fog.

Distinguished Medical School Professor Calls Work Medicine of the Future

I have researched the scientific basis of Robert Ginsburg’s work and truly think this type of energy treatment is the medicine of the future. Richard P Kratz, M.D., D.SCI, Clinical Professor Univ. of Cal & Univ. of S. Cal Medical Schools.

For many years scientists have been studying the biological causes of various ailments. Recent studies have been zeroing in on the energy fields and energetic systems of every living entity.

Brain Fog Eliminated

The problem I turned to Robert for help with was why my abilities seemed to disintegrate when it came to math. I was going for a late in life graduate degree and math was required.
Robert identified a neurological condition and worked with it. The math grew less intimidating and understandable. I not only got through my core courses, but find myself hungering for math challenges.
It is painful to think how long I carried the burden of a needless mental fog and how much disappointment I might have been spared if Robert had been there earlier in my life.Privacy desired

Perhaps the most significant advance in understanding the energetic aspects of health and disease was made by Russian physicist Nicolai Levashov. He developed a unified field theory that merged physics and medicine.

Brain Fog, Allergies, Frequent Urination and Recovery From Surgery Aided

After working with Robert and my treatment for Brain Fog I’ve noticed my ability to concentrate has been greatly enhanced. This newfound ability has led to a significant increase in my productivity and was Improving Concentration. My chronic sinus and allergy condition is now 99% better. A frequent urination/prostate problem was eliminated and I was able to take a 12 day European vacation. Robert also helped me to completely recover from kidney surgery.
I recommend Robert Ginsburg’s work unconditionally.Robert Brown, Real Estate Appraiser

In recognition of Nicolai Levashov’s, scientific contributions, an advisory body of the United Nations accorded him their coveted honor bestowed on a host of Nobel Prize recipients- full membership as Academician in the U.N. International Informatization Academy The I.I.A. is a global organization whose members include the U.N. Secretary General, heads of state, renowned scientists and leading professionals from every field of endeavour.

Brain Fog Relieved And Tumor Difficulties Eased

It often appeared to me as though my son was operating in a fog. This occurred most in his difficulty and frustration to focus on school tasks. It would take forever to get homework done, etc. After working with Robert he does his homework much easier, concentrates better, etc. The change is palpable. This is what he says about Robert’s treatment: "I feel a big change during and after treatment…really big…my head feels super light…I can think better about everything…it’s amazing".
Additionally, my son has a benign tumor growth on his toe. This has been diagnosed as an overgrowth of vascular and lymphatic tissue. Robert’s work has had a dramatic effect. Swelling reduces and softens, bruising and discoloration fade, blood engorgement disappears. My son states: "feels nice…feel relaxed in my whole body…foot feels warm and fuzzy".Privacy desired

Before training with Levashov I studied many different forms of energy healing including Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Pranic Healing and the Rubenfeld Synergy Method. The later was a three year program integrating the Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique and Gestalt Therapy.

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I wish you the very best,

Robert Ginsburg